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Funding research in Africa: The AAS perspective

In this blog, Tom Kariuki and Judy Omumbo, tell us about Future Leaders African Independent Research (FLAIR), a fellowship designed to help talented early-career researchers, whose science is focused on the needs of the continent, to establish independent careers in African institutions and ultimately, their own research groups.

South-South collaborations – a possible approach to academic exchange and innovation?

Rashmi Rodrigues MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Community Health, St. John’s Medical College in Bangalore, India reflects on her experiences visiting Africa and the potential of growing South-South collaborations. On the 3rd July 2018, the excitement of the upcoming academic visit overshadowed the stress of obtaining my visa to South Africa. I was visiting…

Shiny new guidelines to celebrate International Data Week

In support of International Data Week, Hollydawn Murray introduces our newly overhauled data guidelines. These guidelines have been rolled out across the F1000 platforms. In March, I announced F1000’s renewed commitment to data sharing and intent to focus on data quality. This week I am pleased to release F1000’s updated data guidelines and quick data guides…

Prevention of infectious diseases


Moses Egesa, a PhD student at Makerere University, discusses an open letter published on AAS Open Research, reporting on vaccines, schistosomiasis and the next steps on advancing controlled human infection models in Uganda.  Moses also talks about the benefits of open peer review for research, to share it among a wide audience and increase visibility…