AAS Open Research

Repurposing a waste gas into useful energy chemicals

Gift Mehlana is leading a research group that focus on the development of novel porous materials for capturing waste carbon dioxide emitted from industrial activities. In this blog, he explains the motivation behind this research and how the captured gas is converted to provide energy for various applications in the chemical industry.

Teenagers drive TB awareness in Botswana

In this blog, Lucy Mupfumi writes about the power of digital storytelling as a means of initiating discussion on health issues, as she shares her experience of working on a programme that harnesses adolescent advocacy to End TB in Botswana.

Virtual reality gives African school children a glimpse into research

Dr Kiyuka uses virtual reality technology to engage and immerse secondary school students in science. In this blog, she discusses how a virtual tour of a laboratory, showing the researchers at work in different departments, could help students learn about science and increase their understanding of research. She hopes this will inspire young scholars to consider science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.

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