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Education is a vaccine that can improve the health of adolescents

Adesola Oluwafunmilola Olumide is a Senior Medical Research Fellow and Consultant Physician at the Institute of Child Health, University of Ibadan and University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. In this blog, Adesola discusses how secondary school enrolment can be protective against adolescent engagement in health-risk behaviours such as cigarette smoking and unsafe sexual practices.

AAS Open Research introduces new guideline that allows authors to change their names simply on publications

This week (19-25 October) is Open Access Week, and the theme for 2020 is “Open with Purpose: Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion.” AAS Open Research is committed to listening to researchers and responding to their needs to create a better publishing experience. Here, we introduce a new guideline that allows researchers to retroactively change their names on articles and assets.

Price Transparency on AAS Open Research

In this blog post Michael Markie, Publishing Director at F1000 Research, outlines the upcoming adjustments to the pricing structure on AAS Open Research and highlights the price and service transparency of the platform and how this aligns with the Plan S principles.    Last month, F1000 Research rolled out a new pricing structure complete with price…

Repurposing a waste gas into useful energy chemicals

Gift Mehlana is leading a research group that focus on the development of novel porous materials for capturing waste carbon dioxide emitted from industrial activities. In this blog, he explains the motivation behind this research and how the captured gas is converted to provide energy for various applications in the chemical industry.

Trust is built on openness and transparency

In our second blog post for Peer Review Week, the Peer Review Team talk about how we build trust between our authors, reviewers and the wider research community, discussing our author-led process, which means no editorial bias, and going through the revision and response process here at AAS Open Research.

Peer Review: A matter of trust

As this week (21st-25th September) marks Peer Review Week, the Peer Review Team delve into the meaning of this year’s theme of ‘Trust in Peer Review’ and explore how our transparent peer review process is ideally suited to building trust.